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Loudoun County Family Law Attorneys


Loudoun County Family Law Attorneys


Beckman Schmalzle Georgelas & Ross’s primary practice area is family law and the myriad of cases that are included in that category. Our Loudoun County Family Law Attorneys handle cases from complex divorces involving large marital estates to child custody cases involving allegations of sexual abuse. We also handle cases from simple, uncontested divorces to step-parent adoptions.

Our attorneys are experienced in working with experts on issues such as business valuation, mental health and capacity, income imputation, and physical and sexual abuse. Family law is a highly fact-dependent and approach-oriented practice area. An excellent family law attorney not only needs to be highly knowledgeable of the law, but also aware of how his or her approach to the case and the other attorneys and parties involved can influence the resolution of the case. In very few other areas of law, if any, can the personalities of the attorneys involved so heavily influence the outcome of the case. We approach every case, client, and other attorney always with that in mind. At Beckman Schmalzle Georgelas & Ross – People Matter.

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