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Loudoun Grandparent Visitation & Third-party Custody


Loudoun Grandparent Visitation &
Third-Party Custody


Not every custody or visitation case strictly involves the parents of the child concerned.  In fact, the Virginia Code allows a person with a “legitimate interest” to pursue custody or visitation, including grandparents, stepparents, former stepparents, blood relatives and family members. Loudoun grandparent visitation cases are often emotionally charged cases. Sometimes a grandparent is being denied visitation and a close family relationship is being destroyed to the detriment of a child. At other times, a non-parent, third-party is trying to supplant the role of one or both parents.  At Beckman Schmalzle Georgelas & Ross PLC, we have experience litigating and negotiating these non-traditional custody and visitation cases from both sides of the case, i.e. from the perspective of the grandparent or third-party that is seeking custody or visitation and from the perspective of the parent from whom visitation or custody is being sought.

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