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What is parental alienation in the child custody context?

| Sep 13, 2021 | Child Custody and Visitation

Children who are going through their parents’ divorce often have to deal with many scenarios they’ve never experienced before. For some, the fighting between their parents is traumatic. It’s possible that a parent will take advantage of this to try to turn the child against the other parent. 

When one parent tries to make the children turn against the other, it’s known as parental alienation. The courts recognize that this isn’t in kids’ best interests. This is why it’s illegal for parents to do this.

Why would a parent turn their children against their co-parent?

There are many reasons why a parent might try to distance their child from their co-parent. In some cases, a parent does this out of spite. It could be because the parent feels as though they’re the only one who deserves a relationship with the child.  

How does a division between their child and co-parent form?

The parent who’s doing this can use various methods to place a wedge between the child and parent, including lying to the child in hopes of brainwashing them. These tactics might begin slowly at first and become more pronounced over time. Unfortunately, they sometimes progress to the point that the child refuses to have anything to do with their other parent.

As parents, you must be careful in handling child custody matters to ensure that you’re doing what’s in their best interests. Any parent who’s going through this should ensure that they’re considering how each decision will impact their children. You’ll want to take swift action if parental alienation is part of your child custody situation to ensure that it doesn’t irreparably harm your relationship.