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3 reasons not to fight for custody in a divorce

On Behalf of | Jan 21, 2022 | Child Custody and Visitation

As a parent about to divorce, you have one priority – your kids. That will also be a judge’s priority when awarding custody. They seek to do what is best for the child.

So, if you think you can look after your children much better than your spouse, does that mean you should fight hard to get sole custody or the majority of possession? Not necessarily.

Here are some reasons not to:

  1. Your child does not want to see you fighting over them

Kids do not like to see their parents arguing with each other about anything. Your conflict damages them. When you fight about them, they may feel even worse, like a possession rather than a person.

  1. It will make co-parenting harder

Divorce battles are not like sports matches where you give it everything you have to defeat the other party, then shake hands and say “Well played” at the end. It is too personal and the wounds can take years to heal. The more civil you keep things, the easier it will be to communicate and co-operate to raise your child.

  1. It will take its toll on you

Arguing is stressful. Custody arguments often lead to accusations and the resurrecting of long-buried incidents. It will also take its toll on your wallet, as the longer your divorce takes, the more it will cost.

There are times when you need to fight for custody. For instance, if your spouse is a danger to your children or tries to prevent you from seeing your children. Yet, extreme circumstances aside, it is generally wise to accept that sharing is best.

Having support from a legal team ready to fight for your custody rights and the good of kids when necessary give you the security to negotiate in a more peaceful manner.