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Is a prenup a plan for divorce?

On Behalf of | Jan 3, 2022 | Divorce

Getting married is an exciting time, but also an important decision. While there are remedies for a marriage that does not go as planned, it is not the situation you have in mind when you decide to get married.

Considering a prenuptial agreement can be a challenging conversation to have between you and your partner. While you may realize that a prenup can be part of smart planning, it can also feel like a plan for the end of your marriage.

Here’s how a prenup can support a healthy marriage.

Planning while you’re happy

Divorce does not bring out the best in people. Regardless of the circumstances, divorcing couples often are frustrated, sad, angry, bitter and many other emotions.

Creating a prenuptial agreement before you get married means you can agree on subjects like asset division when you are willing to work together.

Checking it off the list

For many couples, getting the “what if” conversation out of the way can relieve stress. Creating a prenup means that regardless of how your marriage goes, there are certain conversations that you do not need to have. You and your partner can complete your prenup, get married and never worry about who will try to get what if something goes wrong.

Instead of viewing the agreement as a plan for the failure of the marriage, a prenup helps you plan for success even if the marriage does not work out.

Stability during separation

Down the road, if you and your spouse decide you need to part ways, a prenup means neither of you needs to start looking up strategies on “how to make sure I get the house” or other similar questions because you already had the conversation.

While divorce is never an easy process, a prenup can take the complication out of the negotiations.