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Moving on when your marriage ends

On Behalf of | Jun 27, 2022 | Divorce

The end of a marriage is a highly emotional time. Even if you want the divorce, you’ll quickly find out that you aren’t always happy about the process. It’s perfectly normal to have a range of feelings as you adjust to the divorced life.

One thing that might make the transition a bit more challenging is if you have children with your ex because you can’t make a clear break. Instead, you have to continue to work with them to raise the kids. Trying to move on in this situation might take a little work.

Rely on your family members and friends

Your support system is inherently important when you’re divorcing. Some people who are going through a divorce are tempted to withdraw from everyone, but this can make it much more difficult to move on. Talk to people you trust and enjoy the fun of making memories with people you value.

Let go of the hurt

You have to let go of the things that your ex did that led to the divorce. It might be tempting to bring those things back up, but rehashing everything can make it hard to make the best decisions. You also need to let go of any emotional attachment to your ex so that when they start dating again, it won’t cause you to feel distraught.

Putting the children first is critical in these cases. The best way to do this is to get the parenting plan together so that it reflects the needs of the kids. You should do this based on what they need now because you have the option to modify it as they mature and those needs change. Try to get this done quickly when you split up with your ex, but don’t rush so much that you make errors.