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Breach of Contract in Loudoun County


Our daily business and personal lives are influenced by a myriad of contracts that we have entered. Whether it is a click-and-agree software agreement, a contract for internet services, a car loan, or an apartment lease, we cannot ignore the impact of contracts on our day-to-day lives. Few things can be as frustrating as dealing with a person or business that fails to live up to their agreements. As business owners, we rely on our vendors and customers to pay their debts and meet their promised obligations. When our customers do not pay and our vendors do not come through, we could have problems meeting our obligations to our own employees and families. A breach of contract in Loudoun County is a serious claim that has real life consequences on our community and on the individuals that reside there and the businesses that serve those individuals.

At Beckman Schmalzle Georgelas & Ross PLC, we have helped our clients enforce their business contracts and obtain judgments against individuals and businesses that have failed to keep their accounts current. We have negotiated repayment on obligations that our clients have failed to meet. We have enforced leases on behalf of our landlord clients and we have enforced the rights of our tenant clients. Our attorneys have represented clients from as far away as Washington State and Florida to enforce contracts against businesses and individuals here in Virginia and Maryland in both the Circuit Courts and the General District Courts.

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