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Divorce Settlement Agreements in Northern Virginia


Divorce Settlement Agreements in Northern Virginia


Many divorce cases are resolved through settlement instead of litigation.  In fact, cases should not be tried unless there is a large disparity in the perceived outcome of the case through litigation between the parties and their attorneys or some other compelling reason.  When a case is settled, the resolution of the case is almost always commemorated in a Property Settlement Agreement (“PSA”) or a Marital Settlement Agreement (“MSA”).

Obtaining properly drafted divorce settlement agreements in Northern Virginia is important because it is very difficult for one of our courts to set aside an agreement once it is executed.  Consequently, getting the agreement correct the first time is very important.  Having an agreement vacated without fraud, duress, or unconscionability is very difficult. Additionally, a small drafting mistake regarding something such as a retirement account could cost you thousands or even hundreds of thousands of dollars down the road.  At Beckman Schmalzle Georgelas & Ross PLC, our attorneys routinely draft property settlement agreements with provisions regarding child custody and visitation, child support, permanent and temporary spousal support, distribution of marital and hybrid property, mortgage liability, division of marital debts, credit card debts, 401ks and IRAs, pensions plans, closely-held businesses, and investment property and accounts.

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