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Loudoun Domestic Violence


Loudoun Domestic Violence


Families in Virginia often find themselves in emotionally-charged arguments or incidents involving other household or family members.  As soon as the police are called after such an argument, the case is in the legal system of Virginia.  Even if the alleged victim of the case later wishes not to pursue the charge against the family member, it is no longer his or her decision.  The decision is left to the Commonwealth Attorney as to whether or not they pursue the matter.

Loudoun Domestic Violence charges are serious charges. By federal statute, conviction of a domestic violence charge can carry serious consequences that other crimes do not, such as the loss of your right to own and carry a firearm. If you did not commit the crime, you need to aggressively protect your rights. Even in circumstances where a crime was committed, by one or both parties, options exist that could benefit all parties involved, especially for first-time offenders. You can’t protect your rights if you don’t what your rights and options are. We can help.

Domestic violence cases in Virginia are often related to a larger issue such as divorce.  You need an attorney who has experience with both criminal law and family law in Virginia in order to assert the strongest defense possible to a charge of domestic violence against a family or household member.  Let the attorneys at Beckman Schmalzle Georgelas & Ross PLC help you navigate through the justice system during this trying time.  Talk with one of our attorneys before giving any statements to the police, investigator, or any other person inquiring about your case.

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