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When Medical Care Causes Harm

None of us expect that we will be harmed by a medical provider or facility. But, unfortunately, it does happen. Some injuries or deaths are unpreventable. Other injuries are preventable, if only the care provider had acted as they should have.

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What Is Medical Negligence?

In order to have and win a medical malpractice case, you must prove that your medical provider was negligent. Negligence is when the treatment given does not meet the “standard of care” that is expected. This means that whoever was taking care of you did not do the right thing, given the circumstances.

To be successful, a claim must prove three things: (1) there was negligence, (2) an injury was caused by that negligence and (3) the injury caused a disability or a significant loss of income.

“Injury” in medical malpractice cases can also include undue or prolonged pain and suffering. Some malpractice cases hinge on the fact that not only was harm done to the patient, but the patient was then charged significant medical bills relating to that harm.

What Are Examples Of Medical Malpractice?

A medical professional can be a doctor, dentist, nurse, surgeon or anesthesiologist. Hospitals, urgent care centers and pharmaceutical companies may also be sued for medical malpractice.

You may have a medical malpractice case due to many reasons. A few of the more common reasons are that the care provider:

  • Failed to diagnose, misdiagnosed or failed to recognize your symptoms
  • Failed to order proper testing
  • Made serious birthing errors
  • Made anesthesia or surgical errors
  • Gave an improper medication or the wrong dosage
  • Discharged you prematurely or provided little or no aftercare

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